Burger King’s $10 Homecoming Meal Has a Lot of Food

The return to school has occurred, and football games have begun. So, it’s homecoming season, as you might expect.

Burger King has introduced its first-ever homecoming meal offer, perfect for individuals looking for a one-of-a-kind way to enjoy the yearly festivities.

Shareable BK Homecoming Meals will be available for purchase beginning tomorrow, September 21, for a limited time.

Two Whopper Jr. sandwiches, two milkshakes, a little order of onion rings, and a little order of french fries make up the meal. Depending on where you are, you may get all of this for as little as $10.

However, these aren’t the sole things that are part of the package. For the BK Homecoming Meal, Burger King is offering two limited-edition HoCo-themed crowns, so everyone may feel like a homecoming royalty.

These will be bejeweled and contain the word “homecoming” inscribed in full capital letters, unlike the chain’s typical paper crown. Clients in the Big Apple, Hollywood, Miami, Chicago, and Oklahoma City will be able to purchase the crowns.

Aside from that, Burger King has begun to commemorate homecoming season on social media by publishing images of individuals dressed for the occasion while wearing the distinctive BK crowns. “BK crown > homecoming crown,” the brand captioned its most recent Instagram post.

The iconic crown from Burger King has been a part of homecoming customs for years, and fans all over the nation have used it as a part of their royal celebrations, according to Zahra Nurani, VP of marketing communications for Burger King North America.

“We’re excited to get in on the celebration by offering a delicious meal for two that allows HoCo-goers even more ways to make BK a part of this special event.”

There have been a number of recent additions to the burger chain’s menu, including the BK Homecoming Meal.

The Whopper’s original home debuted a new line of Royal Crispy Wraps for a limited period on August 14 at select locations across the country.

Crispy white flesh chicken, tomato, and lettuce are encased in a soft tortilla with your choice of traditional, spicy, or honey mustard taste. Prices for the wraps can vary by region, but they typically cost $2.99 apiece.

Burger King added further sizzle to the summer with the arrival of two limited-time products before this menu item.

Among these were the Fiery Nuggets and the Frozen Fanta Kickin’ Mango drinks, each of which cost one dollar. The fruity frozen drink has notes of mango, lemon, and “touch of spicy chili flavor.”


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