You like meat? Eating it daily causes this.

Meat provides protein, iron, and other nutrients. However, too much of this product may harm our health.

We often eat meat without comprehending the risks. Meat is served as a main dish, cold cuts on sandwiches, or sausage on the grill.

But have we ever thought how much meat we should eat and what kind is healthiest?

Scientists have advised limiting meat, especially processed meat, for years. They found that processed meat can harm human health.

It is found that red and processed meats (like deli meats) may increase disease risk.

Meat affects weight, according to research. Meat eaters acquire weight. People eating 0.55 pounds of meat daily can gain 4.4 lbs more than individuals who don't eat meat but consume the same calories, according to the study.

Meat has benefits too! Protein is needed for muscle development and renewal. Iron is essential for circulatory system function.

How to reduce meat side effects?

Processed meat should be limited. Fresh meat is healthier than processed. Fish, poultry, and turkey are lean. Fat and calories are lower in lean meat.

For instance, boil or steam beef to reduce fat. Fried or roasted meat has more fat than water- or steam-cooked meat. Only eat meat twice a week.

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