What happens when you Drink during Meals? An Expert Clarifies

We asked a clinical dietitian for her opinion. Experts  revealed key facts about drinking water during meals.

"Does drinking water with meals disrupt digestion? Though fluids indeed traverse the digestive system faster than solids, they don’t influence the rate of digestion for solid foods or dilute the stomach acid and digestive enzymes," clarifies the expert.

Experts also underscores that water can be helpful in breaking down large food particles, assisting their movement towards the stomach.

As a result, issues with constipation and bloating may no longer be bothersome inconveniences.

"Drinking water with meals can create a pause between bites, giving a moment to assess hunger and fullness cues. It can prevent overeating, and even aid in weight loss," the expert continues.

Dietitian also draws attention to the fact that the best beverage to accompany meals is pure water.

Furthermore, Experts notes that consuming strong alcohol with meals not only impedes the functioning of the digestive system but also curtails salivation.

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