United Airlines Changing Boarding Procedure

This autumn, United Airlines is implementing modifications to its boarding procedure in an attempt to improve efficiency.

According to an internal document shared with airport officials this week, the airline will introduce a seventh boarding group on October 26 and

divide economy passengers into four groups depending on whether they are booked in a window, middle, or aisle seat (WILMA).

Preboarding and groups one through three will remain unchanged. However, group four (now middle and aisle-seat passengers) will be

divided into two boarding groups, with group four including only middle-seat passengers and group five containing just aisle seats.

In qualifying markets, basic economy fares with no full-size carry-on passengers will be moved to a newly established group six.

The adjustments were made in reaction to longer-than-usual boarding delays, according to United. The WILMA method, according to the document, will save up to two minutes of boarding time.

The airline tested the new boarding procedure at one hub and four domestic outposts and reported that net promoter ratings were greater than those of the previous procedure.

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