These are the 10 healthiest fast food items, according to dietitians and doctors

Chicken Sandwich:

Choose grilled over fried for a leaner protein option. Opt for whole-grain buns and add vegetables for extra nutrients.


Many fast-food chains offer salads with grilled chicken. Be cautious with dressings and opt for vinaigrettes.

Veggie Burger:

Some chains offer veggie or plant-based burgers as an alternative to traditional meat burgers.

Veggie Delight Sandwich:

Loaded with vegetables, this sandwich can be a lower-calorie option. Choose whole-grain bread and limit high-calorie condiments.

Burrito Bowl:

Opt for a burrito bowl with lean protein (chicken), black beans, vegetables, and salsa.

Grilled Chicken Wrap:

Starbucks and similar chains offer wraps with grilled chicken and veggies. Choose whole-grain wraps for added fiber.

Egg White Delight McMuffin:

A lower-calorie breakfast option with egg whites, lean Canadian bacon, and a whole-grain English muffin.

Fish Tacos:

Some fast-food places offer fish tacos. Choose grilled fish over fried and add plenty of vegetables.

Fruit and Yogurt Parfait:

A parfait with yogurt and fresh fruit can be a healthier dessert or snack option.

Chicken Noodle Soup:

Opt for a broth-based soup with lean protein, vegetables, and whole-grain noodles for a satisfying and lower-calorie choice.


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