The Best Cheap International Travel Destinations


Vietnam offers a rich cultural experience and beautiful landscapes at relatively low prices. Accommodation, food, and transportation are often affordable.


Mexico is known for its diverse attractions, from stunning beaches to vibrant cities. Costs for food, transportation, and accommodation can be quite reasonable.


Colombia has become an increasingly popular destination for budget travelers. It boasts beautiful landscapes, historic cities, and a variety of activities at affordable prices.


Cambodia, home to the famous Angkor Wat, offers a unique cultural experience at a relatively low cost. Accommodation, meals, and local transportation are often budget-friendly.


Portugal, especially cities like Lisbon and Porto, has been considered an affordable European destination. It offers a rich history, beautiful architecture, and a diverse culinary scene.


Bulgaria, located in Eastern Europe, is known for its picturesque landscapes and historical sites. It tends to be more affordable compared to many Western European destinations.


Thailand has long been a favorite for budget travelers. It offers stunning beaches, bustling markets, and vibrant cities, with a wide range of affordable accommodations and dining options.


Peru, home to Machu Picchu, offers a mix of cultural experiences and outdoor adventures. Costs for food, transportation, and accommodation can be reasonable.

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