The 10 most popular house-friendly dog breeds

Cesky terriers

Though somewhat active, the Ceskies (derived from the word "Czech") are playful, curious little dogs who are more easily trained than your average terrier.

Skye terriers

The famously loyal and calm Skye terriers are lovely couch companions who are not particularly active but do benefit from a long, leisurely daily walk.

Dandie Dinmont terriers

These pups may be on the smaller side, but they act like big dogs—not in that they're dominant or aggressive, but that they are proud and confident.

Sussex spaniels

Sussex spaniels are strong, low-built dogs that are happy (in the typical spaniel way) but not as active as other dogs in the same breed group.

Glen of Imaal terriers

These scruffy, cute terriers aren't pretentious or fancy looking.

Finnish lapphunds

These agile Nordic dogs are not outgoing around strangers, but are friendly and eager to please at home.


These funny-looking "ape terriers," as some have called them, are confident, curious, and playful.

Field spaniels

Somewhat larger than your average cocker spaniel, the field spaniel stands about 17–18 inches at the shoulder.

Sealyham terriers

The AKC characterizes the Sealyham terrier as a "substantial" tiny dog with the build of an NFL running back ("powerful"; low to the earth), but a calm, docile friend.

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