The #1 Secret Seafood Companies Don't Want You To Know

Many Americans are eating healthier in the new year, including more seafood.

However, a recent analysis from Oceana may change your mind on this popular food.

Mexico, Belize, Peru, and the Philippines supply 84% of the US's seafood imports.

The Seafood Import Monitoring Program (SIMP) encompasses 13 fish and shellfish species, including tuna and shrimp, to prevent illegal fishing.

That means 60% of imported seafood supplied in America isn't checked for red flags like fishers ignoring catch restrictions,

"When Americans order calamari at a restaurant, they do not want a side of criminal activity,

Dr. Marla Valentine, Oceana's illegal fishing campaign manager, says illicit fishing can harm ocean

When fishers remove too many fish or other marine creatures from the ocean, they remove key components of that ecosystem.

Oceana is lobbying the U.S. government to cover all imported seafood with SIMP. It awaits a floor vote. 

When imported seafood is safe and legally caught, customers will pay top price, according to Oceana.