That Wasn’t True: The Top 10 Myths Told By Boomers

"They all retired with comfortable pensions." Retirement situations varied, and not everyone enjoyed substantial pensions.

"They were all financially responsible and frugal." Financial habits varied among Boomers, and not everyone adhered to frugality.

"They are resistant to change." Boomers, like any generation, adapted to societal changes, and generalizing resistance to change is oversimplified.

They all benefited from the post-war economic boom." Economic circumstances differed, and not everyone experienced equal advantages.

"They all had the same cultural values." Boomers, like any generation, held diverse cultural values shaped by individual experiences and backgrounds.

"They were all traditional in their family roles." Family structures and roles varied among Boomers, and not everyone adhered to traditional norms.

"They were all anti-establishment in their youth." While there was a countercultural movement, not every Boomer rebelled against the establishment.

"They were universally supportive of civil rights and equality." While many Boomers supported these causes, not everyone held the same views on civil rights and equality.

"They had no student loan debt." While tuition costs were lower for some, not all Boomers escaped student loan debt.

"They all retired early." Retirement ages varied among Boomers, and not everyone retired early.