7 Tacky Living Rooms Decor You Need To Avoid

Overly Matched Furniture

Avoid using sets of furniture that match perfectly. Mix and match styles for a more eclectic and interesting look.

Fake Plants

Opt for real plants instead of fake ones. Real plants add life and freshness to a room, while fake ones can look cheap and tacky.

Excessive Decorative Pillows

While decorative pillows can add comfort and style, too many of them can make your sofa look cluttered and tacky.

Over-the-Top Themes

Avoid overly themed decor. A subtle, cohesive theme can be stylish, but too much can make the room look kitschy.

Wallpaper Overload

Covering every wall in bold or busy wallpaper can be overwhelming. Consider an accent wall or more neutral tones

Mismatched Colors

Be cautious with color choices. Clashing colors or too many bold hues can make the room look chaotic.

Low-Quality Artwork

Invest in quality artwork instead of generic or mass-produced pieces. Cheap art can cheapen the overall look of the room.

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