Starbucks Is Rumored To Start Charging For "No Ice"

Starbucks' contentious moves have put company on thin ice with many customers in recent years. The coffee chain was criticized for raising menu prices, 

discontinuing raspberry syrup, launching a new line of olive oil-infused coffees that sent customers running to the bathroom, and changing

As reports spread that the corporation may soon charge for several basic drink customizations, the company is facing new preemptive

reaction. This month, baristas and TikTokers claimed that Starbucks will charge extra for Refresher beverages without ice, light ice, or water.

Starbucks' Refreshers are fruity drinks produced by blending a flavorful base with water or lemonade or coconut milk. A generous amount of

ice and freeze-dried fruit are added to the mixed drinks. No or little ice might be requested to provide room for the beverage in cups. They can also request

These options are excellent for consumers with cold beverage sensitivities or who want more value and a stronger flavor

Last week, a barista stated on TikTok that Starbucks will charge for Refresher customizations on May 9 in a 4.6 million-view video.

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