starbucks frozen lemonade refreshers complaints

Starbucks' latest attempt to capitalize on its consumers' fondness of fruity, iced Refresher drinks is attracting attention—but not for the right 

reasons. Customers are complaining that the new Frozen Lemonade Starbucks Refreshers look nothing like what was described just days 

On June 27, Starbucks added strawberry açai, pineapple passionfruit, and mango dragonfruit Frozen Lemonade Refreshers to its permanent 

menu. Starbucks' Refresher drinks are combined with lemonade, genuine fruit, and strawberry puree in all drinks.

Customers complain that blended beverages separate after a few minutes, and they have photos.

Starbucks' homogeneous, smoothie-like drinks have been replaced by photos of cups with thick, frozen layers on top and liquid bottoms on social media.

"Separated in less than 3 mins definitely won't buy it again," one angry Reddit user captioned a Frozen Lemonade Refresher shot.

Starbucks staff answered a similar message about the new Refresher difficulties by saying separation was inevitable.

"Unfortunately, the recipe doesn't include an emulsifier like a frap base, so the drink will always separate after a few minutes," a Reddit employee said.

Workers advised clients who want to minimize separation to drink the drinks "immediately" and purchase them in person

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