Short Spiky Haircuts for Women Over 60

Classic Pixie Spike 

A classic short cut with spiky layers for texture.

Tapered Spiky Bob 

A tapered bob with spiky layers on top.

Undercut Spike: 

Shaved sides and spiked top undercut.

Crop: Textured 

Short crop cut with spikes.

Pixie Messy: 

Spiky layers in a tousled pixie cut.

Spike Layered: 

Spiked ends on short layers.

Brief Shaggy Spike: 

Short layers with spiky ends.

Mohawk Funk: 

Shaved sides and spiky, textured hair in the middle.

Faux Hawk Short: 

A mohawk with tapering sides and spiked middle.

Tousled Spiky Bob: 

For a fun style, a messy bob cut with uneven layers and spiky ends.

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