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Seriously Scrumptious Chocolate Recipes NO ONE Can Resist

Chocolate heaven

Whether you're looking for a new celebration cake, a classic mousse, a very chocolatey cheesecake, a melting warm dessert or a fudgy cookie, this collection is a chocoholic's dream.

Bitter chocolate sorbet

You might be someone who really loves chocolate, but doesn’t always want that super sweet flavour.

Banana and chocolate ice cream

We’ll be honest, there is a downside to this recipe. Make sure you’re hungry before you make it, as you’ll have to eat it quickly before it melts.

Chestnut and chocolate cake

It’s simple, but still feels celebratory. It’s fudgy and chocolatey with a delightfully light texture.

Chocolate French toast

French toast might be traditionally eaten at breakfast or brunch, and there is absolutely no judgement from us if you fancy whipping up this dish in the morning

Chocolate torte

If you like your chocolatey desserts quick, easy, delicious and a little bit rustic, you need to make this.

Ultimate chocolate mousse

With just three ingredients and a pinch of salt, this is the easiest mousse ever, made in just 15 minutes.

Twice-baked chocolate cake

For this easy cake, you make one extremely chocolatey mixture.

Chocolate yogurt pots

If you're a chocolate lover looking for a 10-minute recipe, with no baking required, this is for you.