Put a bay leaf under your pillow overnight. In the morning you will feel much better

Bay leaves are a popular spice, which have many culinary and health benefits. It turns out that many people also believe in their additional properties.

Can bay leaves bring us happiness, wealth, and a peaceful sleep?

Bay leaves are an indispensable element of Polish cuisine, mainly used for flavoring soups, stews, and sauces. In addition to adding a unique taste, they also have health benefits.

1.  Sleep and Relaxation Tucking a bay leaf under your pillow is said to induce peaceful sleep, due to its anti-stress and calming properties.

2. Money Amulet Similar to the tradition of putting carp scales in your wallet, some believe that tucking a bay leaf in your wallet will attract wealth and financial growth to you.

3.  Warding Off Negative Energies:  Burning bay leaves, like the ancient Greeks did in incense, is believed to have a soothing effect, which enhances wellbeing and promotes relaxation.

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