Nutella Just Launched 2 New Treats in the U.S.

There are several ways to consume Nutella, including on toast, with fruit, or on crêpes. (Plus scooping it from the jar.) Now there are two more ways

Two new items are coming to the US to commemorate World Nutella Day, a fan-created celebration on Feb. 5. According to Ferrero North

America, both products are "already beloved by thousands across the world," even though they are new to Americans.

Nutella B-Ready, the first item, has a light, crispy wafer shell filled with Nutella and puffed wheat chips. The individually wrapped bar-shaped

snack will be sold in a 2-count pack for $1.89 or a 6-count pack for $3.99 at major shops as an easy, on-the-go treat. Later this spring, major club stores

Another chocolate hazelnut product, Nutella Biscuits, are crunchy golden cookies filled with creamy Nutella. Each biscuit has a "n"-

stamped heart and resembles a sandwich cookie. Approximately $4.79 will buy a 20-count resealable bag of cookies. Starting this month,

First new items to the U.S. in 11 years are Nutella B-Ready and Biscuits. Nutella introduced Nutella & GO!, a portable snack pack of breadsticks and Nutella

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