McDonald's Is Experiencing a Shortage of Fries 

In addition to global supply chain issues and the pandemic, flooding at a Vancouver port has affected McDonald's fry potato exports.

Flooding will hinder shipments, affecting Japan's fry supply, according to Bloomberg. Only tiny fries are available at the 2,900 McDonald's

outlets in the biggest international market. The chain aims to have supplies restored by the new year to supply medium and big sizes

McDonald's Holdings Company Japan is using planes to carry fries to address the shortfall,

according to The New York Post. The firm is also discounting big or medium French fry dinners by 44 cents.

McDonald's Japan uses only North American potatoes for its fries. This is not the first potato shortfall to impact global fry supply. According to

NPR, poor growing weather reduced North American potato harvests by about 6% in 2019. Certain farmers lost a third of their potato crops that year.

This year's harvest was good, and Japan's French fry scarcity will disappear once shipping resumes. Reuters is mitigating the

inconvenience caused by the Vancouver flooding and landslides, so a one-week shortage should be accurate.

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