Guide To Greenhouse Gardening For Beginners


Install roof, side, and fan vents. Ventilation controls temperature and humidity.


Plant shelves or benches. These improve organization and grow space.


In colder climates, install a heating system. Electric or radiant heaters work.


Shade and ventilation reduce overheating in warmer months. Shade fabric cuts sunlight.

Humidity Control: 

For tropical plants, use humidifiers or misting systems.

Think microclimates:

Greenhouse temperatures and humidity may vary. Put similar-needs plants together.

Fitting Plants:

Tropical, herb, vegetable, and floral plants thrive in controlled conditions.

Container gardening:

Plant in containers or raised beds. Drainage and mobility improve.


Water plants as needed. Overwatering causes mold and sickness.


Use slow-release grains or balanced liquid fertilizer. For fertilizer application rates, follow the label.

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