Food Shortages May Get Even Worse in 2023

We have terrible news if you were thinking the new year would bring the U.S. food system abundance.

Butter, infant formula, and egg shortages from the last year are anticipated to continue and maybe worsen in 2023.

As inflation, environmental disasters, and a fertilizer scarcity continue, CNBC predicts an early 2019 recession.

I expect 2023 to be tough. Worse than this year "Fox News quoted Tennessee dairy farmer and agricultural activist Stephanie

Nash. "We're going to have a supply chain shortage, we're going to have an increase in our food [prices] at the grocery store," said.

A regular critic of farming laws, Nash said inflation will not end "anytime soon," as "Americans are really going to be hurting in

their wallet." The food supply chain is straining to meet demand due to rising prices. The global fertilizer crisis caused by Russia's

invasion of Ukraine has hurt farmers' crop productivity, according to the USDA. The government expected "more dire" conditions in 2023. 

Unfortunately, rising environmental calamities are also causing food shortages. According to Fox Business, California's drought has left rice fields empty and 10%

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