Find Your Zodiac Soulmate When Dating After 50

Aries: Libra

"When Aries is in their younger years, they lean more toward someone who can match their adventure, spontaneity, and zest for life, so they usually lean

Taurus: Capricorn

"These pragmatic earth signs seek stability and appreciate reliability in a partner," writes Indielogy Magazine astrology columnist Bella Nguen, 

Taurus: Leo

"Gemini will always be a childlike sign, even in their later years, so after 50 they don't want to lose touch with their youthfulness

Cancer Taurus

Cancer evokes strong feelings. Marquardt says Cancer likes to feel more special than Pisces, a fellow water sign.

Lion: Aries

These fiery fire signs may have fought early in life due to their huge personalities. As they get older, Nguen believes they can accept each other's energies. 

Scorpio: Virgo

Marquardt says this is the predictable structure they would have sought out in their youth. However, at 50, they can relax.

Aquarian: Libra

Libra, a kind and gregarious sign, is drawn to Leo and Gemini in their youth. Marquardt says Libra seeks a more cerebral life after maturing.

Scorpion: Cancer

After 50, Cancer and Scorpio would "understand one another intuitively" as emotional water signs, Nguen adds.

Sagittarius Virgo

After decades of living at opposing ends of the spectrum, organized and analytical Virgo and adventurous and impulsive Sagittarius are ready to meet

Capricorn and Sagittarius

This appears to be another opposites attract situation. Capricorns strive for achievement and financial security throughout whole lives.

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