Falling Blue: 9 States Crumbling Under Democratic Reign


California, a state with a Democratic supermajority, has faced issues such as high cost of living, housing shortages, and concerns about wildfire management.


Illinois has experienced long-standing fiscal challenges, including high levels of debt and pension liabilities, which have led to ongoing budgetary issues.

New York

While New York City is a global economic hub, the state faces challenges related to high taxes, housing affordability, and infrastructure needs.


Michigan has faced economic challenges, including issues related to deindustrialization and urban decay, particularly in cities like Detroit.


Louisiana has grappled with issues such as high poverty rates, education disparities, and vulnerability to natural disasters.

New Jersey

New Jersey has faced challenges related to high property taxes, pension liabilities, and fiscal concerns.


Connecticut has dealt with budgetary issues, including high debt levels and pension obligations, as well as population outmigration.

New Mexico

New Mexico has faced challenges such as high poverty rates, education disparities, and economic development concerns.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island has grappled with issues related to economic revitalization, education reform, and fiscal stability.

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