Dunkin's 2024 Winter Menu Adds Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee

Dunkin' offers new options to cheer up even the grumpiest among us this winter. From December 27, the company will offer White Hazelnut Bark Coffee, a new coffee option that combines white chocolate and hazelnut tastes.

This drink joins returning favorites like the Pink Velvet Macchiato and Pancake Wake-Up Wrap to enliven gray or snowy midweek mornings till it warms up.

Dunkin' claims that the White Hazelnut Bark Coffee recipe originated from their popular Toasted White Chocolate Swirl. Toasted hazelnut and creamy white chocolate coffee may be served chilled or hot.

Besides Pink Velvet and White Hazelnut Bark coffee beverages, a Frosty Red Velvet Specialty Donut will be sold. This crimson cakey donut has vanilla frosting and cream cheese sprinkles for decadence.

The Pancake Wake-Up Wrap combines bacon or sausage, egg, and cheese in a pancake to match hazelnutty coffee. You may dip your wrap or eat it on the go with maple syrup on the side. Dunkin's Sweet Black Pepper Seasoned Bacon returns.

Available in sandwiches and Snackin' Bacon, it makes a tasty coffee snack between drinks.

From December 27, new Dunkin' Rewards members enjoy a free medium drink with their first purchase. The offer may be ideal for trying new seasonal dishes.

Start the new year with discounts on medium coffee orders for rewards members, allowing you to enjoy the nutty white chocolate coffee and your favorite donuts without breaking the bank.

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