Do not add these things to your coffee.

The worst additions to coffee

#1 Sugar and artificial coloring are in most flavored syrups and additives. In turn, these compounds harm health. Use natural ingredients like vanilla, dried fruits, or mint to flavor coffee. 

#2 Small amounts of sugar are OK. It gets bad when overdone.

#3 Saccharin and sweeteners do not contain calories but can slow metabolism. 

#4 Full-fat dairy is better than skimmed milk. Why? Because skimmed products have more carbs, they may cause weight gain.

#5 Alcohol is the worst combination. Avoid mixing coffee and alcohol.

#6 Powdered creamer — by deciding on such a solution, you provide your body with not only sugar, but also empty calories.

The healthiest coffee is black. Small amounts of sugar help balance the black drink's bitterness. 

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