December 4 Love Horoscopes Returns Relationship Passion


Aries, you need a partner who can handle everything, especially your deepest secrets, to feel comfortable.


Singles who haven't found 'the One' will be more picky about who they date. Not everyone deserves your affection. Be selective now.


 Avoid overextending. Venus in your sixth house encourages healthy contact, including taking things gently even if you want to commit.


Cancer, you love romance, so when Venus enters your home of pleasure, you want it all.


You need to feel protected, nourished, and treasured to fall in love, and an inconsistent individual might hamper this. 


Virgo, expect deep chats. Your third house of communication will get Venus, the planet of property, love, and beauty. 


 Venus enters your money sector, and while money can't buy love, it may help you be happy.


Scorpio's Venus season. Venus will enter your zodiac sign and stay there till year's end. 

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