Costco's Big Bagel Debate Is Dividing Customers

Costco's bakery offerings, from chocolate chunk cookies to Pumpkin Cheesecake, are popular. However, Costco members disagree on one baked good.

Costco has long marketed 12-packs of Kirkland Signature bagels baked fresh in warehouses. A member polled

Costco fans on Reddit about whether these Kirkland bagels are delicious, sparking a heated argument with over 200 replies.

On one side, several Costco members strongly criticized the Kirkland Signature breakfast meal. These critics said that Kirkland bagels

The New Yorker says no. Not worth the calories when I can get actual bagels nearby "another wrote.

However, many members defended the Costco baked good. While most agreed that Costco's bagels aren't as good as local ones, they said

they're still good and affordable. Twelve Kirkland bagels cost $9.35 online near me in New Jersey, but store and warehouse prices may differ.

"I love them here in Ohio—they're the greatest supermarket bagel. I stopped eating bagels until I joined Costco

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