7 Birthday Table Decore Ideas

Inspired by tropical places with brilliant hues and tropical flowers, pineapples, coconuts, and leis. It should feel like a tropical vacation.

Tropical Paradise

Classic carnivals and circuses inspired the antique carnival motif. To evoke nostalgia, it has red and white stripes, pastel hues, popcorn boxes, cotton candy, and retro signs.

Vintage Carnival

This motif evokes a magical garden for the party. Pastel colors, fairy lights, flowers, butterflies, and other garden-inspired decorations create a dreamlike mood.

Enchanted Garden

Deep blues, blacks, and metallics conjure cosmic wonder in this theme inspired by space. A space-themed party has stars, planets, and astronaut cutouts.

Outer Space Adventure

Under the Sea depicts ocean splendor. An underwater environment is created with blues, greens, and aqua décor, sea creatures, seashells, and mermaids. Sea creature plates and shell bowls match the motif.

Under the Sea

This theme provides Hollywood glamour to the birthday party. An beautiful and classy atmosphere is created with black, gold, and silver. Hollywood glamour is added by glitter, red carpet, and movie-themed products.

Hollywood Glamour

A DIY Craft Party theme encourages visitors to craft for a more hands-on and creative celebration. Art supplies decorate the table, which is bright and colorful. Plain white or colored plates allow personalization.

DIY Craft Party

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