Benefits of Adopting an Aging Dog to Be a Pet

Shelter for Senior Pets

Seniors wait four times longer for a home than younger canines. In addition, just 25% of elderly dogs are rehomed, compared to 60% of younger dogs.

Reduced Adoption Fees

Most shelters demand adoption fees to support veterinary costs. According to an American Kennel Club survey, the typical adoption price is "between $100 and $300," depending on age and breed.

Reduction in Shelter Overcrowding

There are thousands of animal shelters in the United States, but almost each one is full to overflowing.

You Don't Have to Teach Old Dogs New Tricks

Many people are big fans of older dogs, which is a good thing, because they own a lot of them.

No Teething Period

During teething, puppies like to get their teeth into everything and anything as they try to relieve the pain and irritation.

Aging Dogs Are Less Destructive

Older dogs are also more familiar with household items than a puppy, which may still want to explore (with its mouth).

Thick Brush Stroke

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