9 Things Generation X And Boomers Miss Most About The 1980s

Golden Age of Arcade Games

Skee ball, mazes, pinball, and baffle ball existed in older arcades before the 1980s. Golden era arcade games created a movement with computing and cultural significance.

Classic Sitcoms

Even though there were fewer channels, classic sitcoms thrived on themes that tackled difficult or pertinent topics. 

Birth of MTV

MTV began on cable TV in August 1981 with shuttle launch footage, signifying the 80s music cultural and commercial period. As a 24-hour rock and roll music video platform, it promoted hits.

Professional Wrestling

Vince McMahon founded WWF to promote wrestling. WWE introduced sports entertainment and Hulk Hogan's Saturday morning cartoon.

Neon Lights

Neon advertising and signage made the 80s distinctive. Neon art extended to bright green, yellow, or blue apparel, shoes, cosmetics, vinyl furniture covers, and wall art.

Vinyl Records

Vinyl records were still popular in the 1980s, after their golden day in the 1950s when they were the main means to purchase music and affordable.

Live Rock Bands

In the recent decade, several nightclubs featured live bands playing covers and originals in AOR, hard rock, punk rock, and all forms of heavy metal.

Punk Scene

The late 1970s punk culture became prominent in the 80s. Though they had The Clash, it wasn't only rock. The subculture of punk inspired poetry, literature, fashion, cinema, and art.

1980s Music

Famous artists include Prince, Michael Jackson, Boy George, George Michael, Madonna, Pat Benatar, Blondie, Cyndi Lauper, The Police, Queen, Bon Jovi, and Whitney Houston.

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