8 Signs Of Survival Mode

1. Everything's urgent.

She adds that fear, worry, and rage trigger our brain to respond immediately. 

2. Constantly fatigued.

While this is effective for a short period, continual use tired our body and depletes our energy supplies.

3. You get mad easily.

You and your partner are doing well. You had a great day and think nothing can go wrong. Everything is wonderful!

4. Nothing suits me.

Being unable to enjoy your favorite pastimes is heartbreaking, but you can't help it! Nothing feels good enough.

5. No day feels wonderful.

If you always feel that no day is nice, you may have several mental health difficulties.

6. Stressful morning.

Chronic stress can impair digestion and reproduction. Chronic stress can cause anxiety, sadness, and insomnia.

7. You're always crabby.

The survival zone is when your energy is high yet negative, writes Harvard Business Review. 

8. You're anxious.

Maybe you're making a great supper for your lover but are worried they won't enjoy it!

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