8 most earning jobs in USA


Highly skilled surgeons, specializing in various fields, earn top salaries, often exceeding $400,000 annually.


Specialized dental professionals focusing on teeth alignment, with earnings exceeding $300,000 annually.


Addressing mental health, psychiatrists earn around $220,000 annually, reflecting the demand for their expertise.


Dispensing medications, pharmacists earn competitive salaries, averaging around $125,000 annually.

IT Managers

Leading information technology teams, IT managers earn significant incomes, with averages surpassing $140,000 per year.

Marketing Managers

Guiding marketing strategies, marketing managers earn salaries around $140,000 annually.

Financial Managers

Overseeing financial activities, financial managers earn competitive salaries, often exceeding $130,000 per year.

Airline Pilots

Captains and senior pilots in the aviation industry earn substantial incomes, with averages exceeding $150,000 annually.

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