8 Best Stretches for Office Workers

Desk Stretches 

While seated, gently stretch your neck, shoulders, and wrists to release tension from long periods of sitting. 

Chair Squats 

Stand up from your chair and sit back down to engage leg muscles, promoting strength and flexibility. 

Calf Raises 

Lift your heels while standing to work on calf muscles, an excellent exercise to improve lower leg strength discreetly. 

Seated Leg Lifts 

Tone your leg muscles by lifting one or both legs while sitting at your desk, targeting the thighs and glutes. 

Office Yoga Poses 

Incorporate yoga stretches like seated forward bends, twists, and shoulder stretches for flexibility and stress relief. 

Wall Sits 

Strengthen your leg muscles by leaning against a wall in a seated position, holding the pose to build endurance. 

Desk Push-Ups 

Tone your upper body by performing modified push-ups against your desk, focusing on arms and chest. 

Sit upright and twist your torso gently from side to side, improving spine flexibility and reducing stiffness. 

Seated Torso Twists 

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