Ronnie Coleman

Big Ron could hardly have needed all that cartoonish strength at 5'11" and three bills in contest form, right? 

Chris Cormier

Cormier was noted for his strength and physique at Gold's Gym Venice in the 1990s.

Franco Columbu

Two-time Mr. Olympia (1976, 1981) had impressive feats, including a 750 deadlift, 665 squat, 525 bench press, and 400 clean and jerk

J. Jackson

Jackson has won seven bodybuilding competitions, including the 2017 Arnold Classic South Africa and Toronto Pro. 

Stan Efferding

His first physique contest was in 1988, eight years before his first powerlifting event, which may surprise you.

Tom Platz

Platz means wheels. Platz wheels include massive repetitions of narrow-stance, below-parallel squats. 

Eddie Robinson

Robinson, 25, made his major league debut the year after winning the 1989 USA Championships. 

Perhaps the best adolescent bodybuilder, Viator, died in 2013 at 62. He won the 1971 Mr. America at 19. 

Casey Viator

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