8 Best Places to Go in the U.S. in Case of a Societal Collapse

North Idaho

With abundant freshwater sources, fertile land, and a relatively low population density, North Idaho offers a peaceful and potentially self-sufficient environment.

Upper Peninsula, Michigan

Known for its vast forests, fresh water, and remote areas, the Upper Peninsula provides a secluded option for those seeking refuge.

Eastern Tennessee

The Appalachian region in Eastern Tennessee boasts scenic landscapes, moderate climates, and a rich agricultural history.


With a low population density and diverse landscapes, Montana offers opportunities for self-sufficiency, hunting, and sustainable living.

Western Wyoming

The sparsely populated areas of Western Wyoming provide a rugged and remote environment, conducive to self-reliance.

Texas Hill Country

Known for its natural beauty and diverse ecosystems, the Texas Hill Country offers a mix of arable land and hills for potential refuge.

Ozark Mountains, Arkansas

With its rugged terrain and natural resources, the Ozark Mountains present a viable option for those seeking isolation and self-sufficiency.

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