7 Weird Facts About Jersey Mike’s

The bread is as fresh as it gets

Every day Jersey Mike’s employees bake their authentic New Jersey bread so it’s fresh for each sandwich.

California has more Jersey Mike’s locations than any other state

There are currently 47 states that are home to Jersey Mike’s locations, but California has the most with an impressive 248 stores.

A Jersey Mike’s sub makes an appearance in a Jennifer Lopez video

In 2018, Jennifer Lopez wore an evening gown while holding a Jersey Mike’s sub in her music video for “Dinero”.

Jersey Mike’s donated money to train a service dog named Jersey

Jersey the service dog was assigned to a veteran named Richard Baca, II after completing a training course at Camp K9, which was funded by Jersey Mike’s.

Jersey Mike’s has raised millions of dollars for charity

Since 2010, Jersey Mike’s has raised over $28 million for hundreds of charities across the United States.

The New York Yankees Love Jersey Mike’s

In 2015, Jersey Mike’s was named the “Official Sandwich Shop of the New York Yankees.”

Employees go through rigorous training.

Newly hired employees are required to spend eight to ten weeks training in a classroom setting as well as gaining in-store experience.

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