7 Car Accessories That Mean You’re a Bad Driver

Excessive Dashboard Decorations

Too many items on the dashboard, such as figurines, bobbleheads, or other decorations, can obstruct the driver's view and be a distraction.

Large, Hanging Air Fresheners

While air fresheners are important for maintaining a pleasant interior, overly large or dangling air fresheners can obstruct the driver's vision, particularly if they swing around during driving.

Excessively Loud or Flashy Sound Systems

Extremely loud music or flashy audiovisual displays can be distracting to the driver and may hinder their ability to hear important auditory cues from the environment.

Complicated GPS Systems or Displays

While GPS systems are incredibly useful for navigation, overly complex or distracting displays can divert the driver's attention from the road.

Excessive Phone Mounts or Holders

Having multiple phone mounts or holders on the dashboard or windshield can create visual clutter and increase the likelihood of distraction while driving.

Unsecured Cargo or Pets

While not technically accessories, loose items like unsecured cargo or unrestrained pets can pose serious safety hazards if they shift or move around while the car is in motion.

Novelty Steering Wheel Accessories

Decorative steering wheel covers or large attachments can hinder the driver's ability to grip the wheel properly and react quickly in emergencies.

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