3 Zodiac Signs Feel Strongly

1. Taurus

You shouldn't want problems, but you should defend yourself. On December 4, 2023, you may feel intimidated and want to rise up and protect yourself.


 Mars square Lilith may make it hard to center, making you feel on edge and like everything is a threat. It may be in your head, but you'll act on it.

2. Gemini 

Due to the major transit on December 4, 2023, you may feel quite strongly. Mars square Lilith isn't ideal.


Today, you may experience a catharsis of thinking that leaves you clearheaded and eager to go. It might be a 'dark night of the soul' for you.


 You've gone down this path before and keep it to yourself since you know how others react to your'memories.

3. Aquarius 

The concept that you know something won't work but refuse to accept it bothers you more than anything else. 


This thought is unsettling, and Mars square Lilith on December 4, 2023, will make you exceedingly unpleasant.


You think being furious would hide all your feelings and spare you from facing the reality.

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