11 dog breeds that are perfect for older owners

1. German spitz

The German spitz is a small dog with a fun personality that rewards lots of play time on the part of its owner.

2. Cesky terrier

Described as clever, adventurous, and family oriented, the Cesky terrier is a great dog for the active senior. 

3. Glen of Imaal terrier

The Glen of Imaal terrier, originally from Ireland, is small, playful, and energetic, but they don't wear their owners out with incessant running or barking.

4. Lowchen

The lowchen is a 15-pound cuddly cutie whose name means little lion. Part of the reason for the name is its brave personality.

5. Affenpinscher

Instantly recognized by its nickname "monkey dog," the affenpinscher is small, portable, and playful.

6. Norfolk terrier

Lock up your ferrets, folks, especially if a Norfolk terrier is in the house. This breed is affectionate but more of a hunter than a lapdog. 

7. American Eskimo dog

This breed needs to be part of a group, so they pair nicely with retirees who are home more often to enjoy this highly trainable, social breed.

8. Japanese Chin

The Japanese Chin was literally bred for the purpose of sitting quietly on the laps of Chinese aristocrats (in spite of the name).

9. Schipperke

The schipperke is a small black dog with a fox-like face, thick mane of fur, and usually docked tail.

10. Keeshond

The keeshond weighs between 34–45 pounds as an adult but looks larger because of their thick coat.

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