11 Classic ’70s Foods Boomers Couldn’t Get Enough Of


Tang, an orange powdered drink, symbolized a forward-thinking period. It offered a novel morning drink based on astronauts and space travel.


The practice promoted camaraderie and discourse beyond meals. Fondue embraced the community spirit of peace movements and communal life. It made meals more communal by fostering a feeling of community at dining tables.


Many 1970s homes relied on Spam's versatility in cooking. Originating from wartime rations, its value changed with the decade. Its capacity to go from sandwiches to lavish feasts reflected the era's economic sensibility and ease.

Jell-O Salad

Jell-O Salad shows 1970s culinary daring. Its distinctive blend of vegetables or fruits in shimmering gelatin blurred dessert and main meal and reflected the period's culinary inventiveness.

Pop Rocks

Pop Rocks redefined sweets in an age of creativity and experimentation. Their explosion of tastes and sensations made them more than a pleasure.

TV Dinners

TV Dinners with pre-portioned trays were more than a fast supper. They captured the spirit of a decade of technology and entertainment advances. These meals blended modernity and nostalgia as family watched TV everyday.

Tab Soda

Wellness became popular in the 1970s, and Tab Soda led the way. As a zero-calorie cola, it appealed to a health-conscious age. Tab targeted flavor-seekers and health-conscious consumers in a sugary beverage industry.

Deviled Eggs

These canapés, served at picnics and fancy events, blended tradition and modernity. The freedom to modify fillings and toppings allowed for different tastes and presentations, reflecting the era's personal expression.

Ritz Crackers With Easy Cheese

Ritz crackers and sprayable Easy Cheese exemplified the decade's ease and deliciousness. Quick-to-assemble, tasty snacks were needed as life accelerated. The rich, creamy cheese and crunchy cracker mix met that need.

Prawn Cocktail

In '70s premium dining, prawn cocktails were served in stemmed glasses. The meal was elegant with delicious prawns and zesty Marie Rose sauce.

Vienna Sausages

Compactness made them excellent for short snacks, but their usefulness went beyond that. Cook with them or eat them straight from the can.

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