10 Things That Boomers Adore and Gen Z Can’t Stand

Email Etiquette: Boomers might adhere to more formal email etiquette, while Gen Z may prioritize brevity and informality in digital communication.

Television Commercials: Boomers may not mind television commercials, but Gen Z often prefers ad-free content on streaming platforms.

Home Phone Landlines: Boomers may still value landline phones at home, while Gen Z relies heavily on mobile phones.

Written Letters: Boomers may enjoy handwritten letters, whereas Gen Z might find them less efficient 

Printed Maps: Boomers might appreciate printed maps for navigation, while Gen Z relies on GPS apps and online maps.

Face-to-Face Meetings: Boomers may prefer face-to-face meetings, while Gen Z often values virtual or remote collaboration.

Brand Loyalty: Boomers may have strong brand loyalty, whereas Gen Z tends to prioritize values and experiences over brand names.

Traditional Banking: Boomers may prefer traditional banking methods, while Gen Z is more inclined towards online banking and digital financial services.

Newsletters: Boomers may subscribe to newsletters, while Gen Z may prefer receiving information

Printed Newspapers: Boomers may still read printed newspapers, while Gen Z often consumes news digitally.