10 Random Uses For coffee Besides Drinking It

Coffee can be used for many other things besides drinking it, and many of them don't even involve drinking.

1. Garden fertilizer Recycle coffee grounds by adding them to a houseplant or garden soil. Grounds are good fertilizers because they contain nitrogen, calcium, potassium, zinc, and other nutrients.

2. Skin Exfoliant Coffee is a wonderful alternative exfoliator because of its course texture and water-insoluble nature.

3. Insect spray Mosquitoes love blood but hate coffee! This makes it the ideal summer pest repellant.

4. Meat tenderizer Meat can be tenderized using coffee grounds or liquid. Keep morning's cold coffee. Put it in a bowl with the meat and marinate in the fridge for two hours.

5. Natural dye Coffee stains might be tough to remove, but when done intentionally, it's one of the easiest components to color fabric for creative projects. Pour warm coffee (stronger pots make cloth darker) over the damp fabric in a bowl and stir. Allow to sit 30 minutes overnight for the desired shade.

6. Add with gravy Coffee can be added to your favorite holiday sauce. Try adding coffee to your next gravy for a unique touch!

7. Baked chocolate goods Mochas are popular for good reason. Who doesn't like chocolate and espresso? You can get that taste without going to a cafe. Just sprinkle instant coffee or grounds on your dessert.

8. Remove smells Coffee's strong smell is great for removing pests from your garden and pollutants from your home. Put coffee grinds in mesh bags in closets, shoes, and the mudroom to absorb odors. Put grounds in an uncovered container and put them in the fridge to absorb odor.

9.  Candles Make candles using coffee grinds if you like. Light and let the unique smell turn your home into a neighborhood cafe!

10. Ice cream Coffee is a great ice cream flavor to make. When steeping milk and other liquids, add coffee beans for espresso flavor!

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