10 DIY Halloween Decorating Ideas

Creepy Crawly Door Wreath: Create a Halloween wreath with faux spiders, cobwebs, and eerie ribbon. You can also add small plastic bugs for an extra creepy touch.

Ghostly Front Yard Figures:  Make ghost figures using old sheets or cheesecloth draped over a simple frame (such as a tomato cage).

DIY Potion Bottles: Collect glass bottles and jars, then fill them with colored liquids or materials to create a spooky potion shelf.

Haunted Mirror: Use an old or thrifted mirror and create a haunting effect by painting ghostly figures or words with glass-friendly paint

Glowing Eyes in the Bushes:  Cut out spooky eye shapes from glow-in-the-dark paper or use LED tea lights. Place them in your bushes or trees for an unexpected nighttime surprise.

Mummy Door:  Wrap your front door with white streamers or white cloth to resemble a mummy. Add some googly eyes for a cute and easy Halloween transformation.

Floating Witch Hats:  Hang witch hats from the ceiling at varying heights using clear fishing line. Illuminate them with battery-operated tea lights inside for a magical effect.

Pumpkin Ice Bucket: Hollow out a large pumpkin and fill it with ice to create a unique and festive ice bucket for chilling drinks at your Halloween party.

Spooky Silhouettes: Cut out eerie silhouettes of witches, bats, or other spooky creatures from black paper. Attach them to windows for a shadowy effect when backlit.

Glowing Jack-o'-Lantern Jars:  Paint or decorate glass jars to resemble jack-o'-lantern faces. Place battery-operated tea lights inside to make them glow eerily.

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