10 Boomer Opinions That Non-Boomers Actually Agree With

1. High Education Costs Concerns

Non-boomers may relate to boomers' worries about growing school costs. Rising tuition and student loan debt are huge financial challenges for younger generations.

2. Memory of Music's Past

Boomers remember their childhood with classic rock and Motown on their playlists. Interestingly, many non-boomers like these timeless genres.

3. Privacy Loss Concerns

technologies has advanced during boomers' lifespan, including the internet and surveillance technologies. Many worry about digital privacy loss, even younger generations. 

4. Appreciating Face-to-Face Communication

Boomers enjoy face-to-face connection despite growing up without cellphones and social media. Non-boomers appreciate the value of real-life interactions in a digital age. 

5. Environmental Concerns

Environmental concerns have grown in popularity, and boomers share them. Pollution, climate change, and resource depletion impact everyone, regardless of age. 

6. Traditional values appreciation

Boomers are known for their work ethic, family values, and personal responsibility. Interestingly, many non-boomers share similar ideals. 

7. Healthcare Quality Concerns

Boomers worry about healthcare quality and cost due to substantial changes in the healthcare environment. Since healthcare prices and availability affect all ages, non-boomers share similar concerns.

8. Against Age Discrimination

Age discrimination in the job and other areas of life is not unique to boomers. Non-boomers also reject age discrimination, believing age should not limit opportunities or treatment.

9. Experience and Wisdom Matter

While younger generations contribute new insights and creativity, they acknowledge the need of drawing on previous generations' expertise to produce a well-rounded society.

10. Want a Secure Retirement

Boomers and non-boomers worry about retirement. Boomers have seen pension programs and retirement benefits change, and younger generations are worried about their retirement.