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10 Basics You Must Have In Your Wardrobe

The white shirt

A white shirt has no style; you give it to them. That is what being a good wardrobe garment means.

A wool scarf

The wool scarf is a crucial garment to keep you warm when temperatures drop. This does not mean that it is a strictly practical garment.

Boots with laces

They always come in handy. But: make sure you buy the ones that don't hurt your feet.

Classic sunglasses

Classic sunglass models. Trendy sunglasses are fine, but in the end, you always go back to the classics. A must.

A fanny pack

Now that the fanny pack has established itself as a trend, it is time to take a step further and turn it into a core piece of any outfit through simple and minimalist designs.


The LBD, or the little black dress, has survived the passage of time and the evolution of trends. It is good as a stylistic resource for any combination.

The straw hat

From canotier to borsalino, panama, and cowboy hats, this complement is not limited anymore to its traditional use as a sun screen.

Black trousers

Black trousers that have a differentiating detail carry twice as much value as regular black trousers.

Summer dress

The summer dress can have a length to the knee and a special color like orange apricot.

Basic miniskirt

The most recurrent basic miniskirt is the black one. There are other shades though, like red, dark grey or beige, which are also super easy to combine with everything.