10 Awesome Furniture Pieces You Won't Believe Are From Costco

Thomasville Lowell 8-piece Fabric Modular Sectional

You can save money while shopping for this type of sectional at Costco over specialized competitors.

Asheville 12-piece Dining Set

Furnish your big dining room with a set that works for everything from a busy Thanksgiving meal to a small dinner party.

Boho Headboard

The headboard’s carved design will make it stand out in any bedroom and can fit either a full or queen-sized bed.

Anoka 3-piece Bookcase Wall

Make a statement in your living room, office, or even dining room with this Anoka 3-piece Bookcase Wall.

Fremont Glass Door Bookcase

Step up the design in your latest room rehab with this Fremont Glass Door Bookcase. It comes in either white, gray, or blue.

Annika 72-inch Accent Console

The Annika 72-inch Accent Console is sure to give you the perfect focal point in any room.

Allspace 5-piece Modular Set

Get the Allspace 5-piece Modular Set to make an outdoor space that you can change up based on your wants and the space you have.

Milea 9-piece Dining Set

Take the indoors outside with a Milea 9-piece Dining Set that’s perfect to set up on your patio or in your backyard space.

Caramia Kids Hailey 3-piece Full Bedroom Set

Have your kids outgrown their crib and baby bedroom set? Then it may be time for an upgrade.

Thick Brush Stroke

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