Starbucks Quietly Discontinued a Popular Menu Item

If you like to stick to relatively healthy Starbucks orders, then you might be disappointed to find out that the popular coffee chain has discontinued a delicious and nutritious option on its menu. 

No, not the Berry Trio Parfait or Rolled & Steel-Cut Oatmeal—we’re talking about regular ole fresh yellow bananas.

You used to be able to find the fruit in the same area as the pastry case or cash register and pick up one of these sweet potassium-filled treats for around $1 or $1.50.

You might not have even realized that this particular item has disappeared, due to the fact that Starbucks has been quiet about the fact that you can no longer order it.

That’s definitely bad news for anyone who loves and appreciates the benefits of bananas because they’re no longer available at Starbucks.

A representative from the company just confirmed to The Takeout that Starbucks actually got rid of both frozen and fresh bananas back in May 2022. 

The same representative noted that Starbucks decided to get rid of bananas “after evaluating the menu.” What the company found is likely that the fruit wasn’t a big seller.

As one Reddit user and self-described Starbucks employee explained in a thread that was posted two years ago, “We get 24, sell 1 or 2, then throw out the rest when they get gross, and then repeat.”

In fact, you may not have been able to grab a banana from Starbucks even before they took them off the menu in 2022. One fruit fan on Reddit noted that they hadn’t been able to get a banana at their local Starbucks for years.

Another employee admitted, “I stopped ordering bananas a long ass time ago due to their poor sales and fruit fly issues that develop from them.”

Although the news seems to have slipped mostly under the radar of Starbucks’ customers, some patrons weren’t happy when they finally found out.

“Nooo I always loved the green tea frap plus banana it’s so much better,” one Reddit user wrote, while adding a crying emoji face to express how this decision made them feel.

If you take a peek, you’ll find that bananas are, indeed, missing from Starbucks’ website. However, you can find other banana-adjacent products, such as the Peter Rabbit Organics Strawberry Banana, located under the “Sweets & Snacks” section.

Coming in a packet (with a sweet-looking bunny depicted on the front), it’s obviously not the same thing as a fresh piece of fruit and, instead, “contain[s] USDA organic banana-strawberry puree with a hint of lemon juice.”

With 80 calories, 17 grams of sugar, and no fat, served in “convenient, squeezable, resealable pouches,” the item is apparently “[p]erfect for busy moms on the go.”

That might be an ideal choice for you, too, even if you’re not a busy parent and simply like to enjoy a little fruit during your day.


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