Popeyes Sweetens the Deal: Introducing the First-Ever Dessert Biscuit!

Popeyes may be most known for their fried chicken, but genuine fans also look forward to biting into one of its ultra-salty, flaky, and butter-covered biscuits.

Now, it appears that the firm wants you to be able to enjoy them for dessert as well.

On Monday, Popeyes announced the addition of Strawberry Biscuits to their menu. According to Popeyes, the new dessert item takes its distinctive biscuits and balances the salty flavor with just the proper amount of sweetness thanks to strawberry chunks baked right in, as well as creamy icing on top.

“We are thrilled to introduce the latest culinary creation to our dessert menu, the irresistible Strawberry Biscuits,” Amy Alarcon, Popeyes’ vice president of culinary innovation, stated.

“The perfect combination of our classic, buttery biscuits and the flavor of ripe, fruity strawberries, Strawberry Biscuits offer a delicious touch of sweetness to any meal.”

These delectable biscuits are now available nationally, but if you want one, act quickly because Popeyes says they are only available for a limited period.

The biscuits cost $1.79 each, or you can get two for $2.99 or four for $5.39.

The business also stated in its release that this isn’t the only new product arriving this spring. It’s also introducing a new family lunch option called the Family Feast.

Starting at $29.99, the meal contains six pieces of Popeyes famous chicken in classic or spicy, two sandwiches in traditional or spicy, two large side dishes, and four biscuits.

The fan-favorite Big Box is also returning. Hungry customers can select between the new eight-piece chicken nuggets or the old two-piece signature bone-in chicken, both served with two normal sides and one biscuit for $6.99.

However, as the brand emphasizes, the biscuits are a limited-time offer that is only available at participating establishments.

And, given Popeyes’ habit of selling out of its limited supplies rapidly (anyone remember the chicken sandwich debacle of 2019?), we’d recommend running, not walking, to your local shop if you want to taste this delectable little delicacy.


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