How To Make An Easy Fruit Cake Recipe?

This easy-to-follow recipe for super moist fruit cake will enable you to make tender and moist fruit cake.

It is one of the simplest and quickest traditional fruit cake recipes.

In this fruit cake recipe, the raisins and dried fruits are boiled in liquid to make them tender and plump, resulting in a deliciously moist cake.

This ultra-moist fruit cake is made using one of the least untidy methods.

We will only need a saucepan and a wooden spoon to create this fruit cake; no specialized equipment is required.

Why We Will Love This Super Moist Fruit Cake?

This Christmas-scented fruitcake is packed with plums, raisins, and abundant dried fruits.

It is one of the most straightforward and speedy succulent fruit cake recipes ever.

This straightforward boiled fruit cake requires only a saucepan, a basin, and a spatula.


  • Unbleached flour: 228 grams or 1 3/4 cups (loosely packaged).
  • 1 teaspoon of mixed seasonings
  • 1 tsp cinnamon powder
  • Baking powder:1 tsp
  • Salt:1/2 teaspoon
  • Three eggs (medium)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract (optional)
  • 100 grams of soft dark or pale brown sugar or 1/2 cup
  • If you don’t have molasses, you can substitute brown sugar. 3 tbsp
  • 226 grams or 2 slabs or 1 cup butter
  • 600-700 grams of dried mixed fruit (you may use dried fruits of your choosing and may choose candied peels, glazed cherries, or almonds based on your preferences).
  • Lemon Peel from 1 Lemon
  • Aroma of 1Orange
  • 180 milliliters or 3/4 cup
  • I have used powdered nutmeg, cardamom, cloves, and dried ginger for “All Spices.”

Use dried fruits in this recipe;

  • 150-200g raisins
  • Cranberries: 175 to 200 grams
  • Plums or prunes: 175 to 200 grams
  • Dates:75-100 grams
  • Pecans: 50-75 grams

Getting Everything Ready For Making The Easy Fruit Cake

Lightly lubricate a 7- or 8-inch cake pan with butter or oil and line it with double-thick greaseproof paper. In the video, I utilized a 7-inch pan.

Put the chopped nuts and dried fruits in a large, clean basin. You can use an already-made dried fruit mixture available in most supermarkets or combine your own to create an individual cake, adjusting the proportions according to your tastes (I prefer more raisins, cranberries, and prunes and fewer chopped dates in mine).

Grate the lemon and orange peels and set them aside.

Sift the flour, baking powder, spices, orange and lemon zest, and salt in a separate basin. 

Preheat the oven to 320 °F or 160 °C.

How To Make Moist Fruit Cake?

Three straightforward steps are required to prepare a moist fruit cake.

Step 1. Boil the dry fruits.

In a medium saucepan, boil the butter, raisins, cranberries, brown sugar, molasses, and water.

Simmer for 3 to 4 minutes over moderately high heat, whisking occasionally.

Take from the heat and allow to rest for 45 minutes or until cold.

Step 2. Add all the rest of the ingredients

Add the gently beaten eggs, optional vanilla extract, and nuts.

Add the flour mixture, which consists of flour, baking powder, salt, ground seasonings, and orange and lemon zest. I did not add the spices and the zest of lemon and orange to the boiling mixture because we needed to preserve the aroma of these spices and citrus.

Most of the flavor of a fruit cake comes from the cake’s aroma. 

Mix everything until everything is thoroughly combined.

Step 3. Bake the boiled fruit cake

Put the mixture into the prepared baked dish. The 7-inch or 8-inch pan will work.

75-90 minutes in the center of an oven at 320 degrees Fahrenheit, or until a toothpick put in the center of the cake comes out clear.

Large baking trays (8 inches) require a shorter baking time.

Allow the cake to chill thoroughly.

Unmold and transfer the cake to a serving platter.

This fruit confection is best the following day. The flavor and texture of cake greatly improved during this period.

If we cut the cake as soon as it has cooled, it may appear greasy, brittle, and less flavorful.

Even though it is a dense, densely packed fruitcake, this last-minute fruitcake is incredibly flavorful and has a very delicate, moist texture.

This fruit cake does not need to be seasoned before serving. However, if you age or strengthen the fruitcake, the decision is entirely up to you. In that case, you need to create this fruit cake in advance so you have enough days to feed the fruit cake with alcohol.

How Long Will This Dried Fruit Cake Last At Room Temperature?

This cake will last up to two weeks if stored at room temperature (60-80 degrees Fahrenheit or 15-26 degrees Celsius) and covered.

The storage life of this alcohol-free, moist-boiled fruit cake depends on the ambient temperature at which it is stored.

If your environment is hot and humid, it’s best to store the fruit cake in the refrigerator or freezer; if you intend to keep it for more than a week, you can feed the fruit cake with alcohol (aging or seasoning) to keep it fresh for longer.

How Long Will This Fruitcake Stay Good In Refrigerator Or Freezer?

You may refrigerate fruit or Plum cake for up to three months or freeze it for up to one year.

How Long Will An Alcoholic Traditional Fruit Cake Last?

Alcohol-coated or-soaked fruitcakes can last much longer than fruitcakes not administered alcohol. 

The alcohol in the fruitcake serves as both a preservative and a flavor enhancer. 

A dish typically good for only a few days can last up to a month when wrapped or soaked in alcohol. Therefore, alcoholic fruitcakes can last for years.

Those who wish to prepare fruitcakes with alcohol for storage must ensure that the fruitcake is consistently brushed with alcohol throughout the aging process.

What is Fruit Cake Aging Or Seasoning?

A fruitcake is “seasoned,” also known as ripening or aging, by allowing it to mature in a cold, dark place for several weeks. It is a traditional method used to enhance the flavor and consistency of bellinis.  

How Long will A Dense Fruit Confection Need To Age?

The maturation of a fruitcake will take approximately three weeks to three months. Therefore, a “meant for aging” fruitcake should be prepared well in advance, as it must rest for a considerable time.

How To Properly Age Homemade Fruit Cake?

After baking the fruitcake, allow it to settle to room temperature.

After it has settled, please remove it from the pan and discard the parchment paper.

You can feed the fruit cake by wrapping it in cheesecloth soaked in alcohol or by brushing the surface of the fruit cake with alcohol.

Either soak the cheesecloth in whiskey, rum, whiskey, bourbon, or another alcoholic beverage and then bind it around the cooked and cooled fruitcake. Then, rewrap it in a plastic package and store it.

You may also brush the cake with an alcohol of your choosing and tightly encase it.

Use wine neither for soaking nor scrubbing. Using fruit juice can increase the likelihood that your fruitcake will become moldy.  

While aging, securely wrap the fruit cake and store it in an excellent, dry location.

If the fruit cake is enveloped in cheesecloth, re-soak the cheesecloth once per week and allow it to age for six to three months.

Creating a simple fruit cake is an enjoyable culinary endeavor. By combining dried fruits, nuts, and basic cake batter, it is possible to create a flavorful and moist delight. This recipe demonstrates that preparing a delectable fruit cake need not be difficult, making it accessible to all chefs.

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