Coca-Cola Is Launching a New Mystery Flavor Next Week

Coca-Cola is no stranger to introducing innovative (and sometimes bizarre) soda varieties, such as the green tea-flavored Coke that was available for a brief period in Japan in 2009 and the coffee-infused cola beverages that debuted in the United States in 2021.

However, the brand’s newest anticipated taste could be the oddest and most intriguing yet.

CNN claims that Coca-Cola will release a new limited-edition flavor next week inspired by the online combat arena video game League of Legends.

The precise flavor of the beverage, known as Coca-Cola Ultimate, is currently unknown because the corporation is purposefully ambiguous in its product descriptions.

Coca-Cola has only confirmed that the drink is designed to taste like “experience points,” which League of Legends players can earn by spending time in the game.

League of Legends fans can now earn Coca-Cola Ultimate emotes, or in-game emotions, by completing specific objectives while playing.

This gamer-targeted drink, developed in conjunction with game creator and publisher Riot Games, will be available in shops in the United States and Canada for a short time on June 12.

Furthermore, Coca-Cola is launching a zero-calorie version worldwide this week.

Coca-Cola Ultimate will be the latest addition to a line of limited edition mystery flavors known as Coca-Cola Creations, all of which are based on more abstract concepts than the conventional cherry and vanilla flavor extensions.

The brand launched the line in early 2022 with its Starlight flavor, which was inspired by the “infinite possibilities of space” and offered a “cooling taste sensation.”

Coca-Cola has collaborated with musical artists Marshmello and Rosalía to create limited edition drinks, including Byte, a pixel-flavored beverage, and Dreamworld, inspired by human creativity.

All of these unique flavors are intended to help the company “test the boundaries of what consumers want to engage with and the degree to which they engage with it, all in the service of continuing to make Coke relevant for the next generation,” according to CEO James Quincey.

“They are not designed to be variants that will last forever, but they are more engaging and more interesting demonstrably than a flavor, a Coke with vanilla or something.”


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