10 Pixie Haircuts With Bangs For Short Hair Inspiration

Embracing the Elegance of Short Hair

Short hair, especially pixie cuts, have been a symbol of boldness and unique style for decades.

Adding bangs to this already chic style can amplify its charm and personality. Whether you’re considering a fresh hairstyle or just want to admire some creative cuts, these 10 pixie haircuts with bangs are sure to inspire you!

1. Classic Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

This timeless look combines the neatness of a classic pixie cut with the softness of side-swept bangs. It’s perfect for those who prefer a sophisticated yet low-maintenance hairstyle. Suitable for almost any face shape, it’s a safe and stylish choice.

2. Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

For a more edgy look, try an asymmetrical pixie. One side is cut shorter than the other, offering a modern twist to the traditional pixie. Paired with angled bangs, it’s a bold statement that stands out in a crowd.

3. Curly Pixie with Bangs

Who says pixie cuts are only for straight hair? Embrace your curls with a short pixie that allows your natural texture to shine. Add some light bangs to frame your face beautifully.

4. Shaggy Pixie Cut

A shaggy pixie cut with messy bangs offers a playful, youthful vibe. It works great with wavy or straight hair and adds volume and movement to your look.

5. Long Pixie with Blunt Bangs

This variant features a slightly longer length, providing more styling flexibility. Pairing it with blunt bangs creates a chic, modern look that’s both trendy and elegant.

6. Pixie Bob with Side Bangs

The pixie bob is a bit longer than a traditional pixie and looks fabulous with side bangs. It’s a great transitional cut if you’re growing out your hair or want to experiment with shorter styles.

7. Undercut Pixie with Sweeping Bangs

Combine an undercut with a pixie cut for an ultra-modern and daring style. The sweeping bangs add a touch of femininity to the bold cut.

8. Pixie with Feathered Bangs

For a softer, more romantic look, go for a pixie cut with feathered bangs. It adds texture and a whimsical feel to your hairstyle.

9. Pixie with Micro Bangs

Micro bangs are a daring choice that can totally transform a simple pixie cut. This style suits those who want to make a unique fashion statement.

10. Textured Pixie with Side Bangs

A textured pixie cut, combined with side bangs, is ideal for adding volume to fine hair. It’s a playful, easy-to-maintain style that looks effortlessly chic.


Pixie cuts with bangs are versatile, fashionable, and suitable for all ages and face shapes. They offer a range of styles from classic and elegant to bold and avant-garde.

If you’re considering a new hairstyle, these 10 inspirations are a great starting point to discuss with your hairstylist. Remember, the best haircut is one that not only looks great but also makes you feel confident and true to yourself. Happy styling!


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